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:Luftwaffe / Le Havre Octeville

de Rémi Baudru (09/08/2018 04:53:22)
en réponse à Re:Re:Luftwaffe au Havre de Guy Fruchart (07/08/2018 17:51:06)

A ma connaissance, le site le plus complet sur les terrains utilisés par la Luftwaffe en France est "ww2" de Henry de Zeng (

Voilà ce qu'il écrit :

Le Havre – Octeville (FR) (a.k.a. Bléville) (c. 49 32 10 N – 00 05 15 E)
General: airfield in N France 5 km NNW of Le Havre and 3.25 km SW of Octeville.
- 205 -
Luftwaffe Airfields 1935-45
History: the original and small landing ground of Bléville (485 x 485 meters or 530 x 530 yards) was just S of Le Havre – Octeville airfield and they were
connected by a taxiway so Bléville could continue to be used as a dispersal field. Octeville served as an important fighter station, but mainly during the Jun
40 to May 1942 period. By then, the RAF’s umbrella of air superiority over the airfield was such that the Luftwaffe could no longer station units there.
Dimensions: approx. 1235 x 1190 meters (1350 x 1300 yards).
Surface and Runways: grass surface. No paved runway. Equipped with a flare-path.
Fuel and Ammunition: fuel and ammunition were reportedly stored in nearby farms.
Infrastructure: there were 5 small hangars scattered about the landing area and the dispersal areas. Workshops were on the S boundary. Station HQ, admin
offices and a large number of barrack huts and storage sheds were at the S end of the airfield, while some flying personnel were accommodated in Le Havre
and in several nearby villages. Most of the farms near the field had been requisitioned by the Luftwaffe. The nearest rail connection was in Le Havre.
Dispersal: the 3 areas – North, East and South – had a total of 34 aircraft shelters. Another 30 aircraft could be parked and concealed under trees and in
gaps made in the hedges.
Defenses: protected by the heavy Flak belt around Le Havre with 7 heavy and 10 light Flak positions in the immediate neighborhood of the airfield. Remarks:
20 Apr 41: employed 743 non-German workers.
14 Feb 44: landing area permanently obstructed by trenches.
Operational Units: III./JG 2 (Aug-Oct 40); I./JG 2 (Mar-May 42).
School Units: 4./JFS 5 (Jul 41 – Apr 42); Fl.Anwärter-Btl. IV (1942-43). Reserve Training & Replacement Units: Erg.St./JG 2 (Oct 40 – May 41). Station
Commands: Fl.H.Kdtr. E 5/XI (Jun-Jul 40); Fl.H.Kdtr. E 16/VII (c. Oct 40 – Nov 42); Fl.Pl.Kdo. A 35/XII (c.Feb 43 – Jun 44).
Station Units (on and near the airfield on various dates – not complete): Bauleitung Le Havre - Octeville (1940-44); Ldssch.Kp. d.Lw. 14/XIII (Oct 43)?
[Sources: AFHRA A5259 pp.1697-98 (20 Aug 43) and A5260 pp.2105-07 (20 Aug 43 updated to 14 Feb 44); chronologies; BA-MA; NARA; PRO/NA; web site]

Personnellement, j'ai un peu travaillé sur le GC III/10 qui était à Octeville en 39/40. Avez-vous des informations sur cette période ?
Merci d'avance.

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