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Re:Farman F.370

de Pierre DUMOLLARD (07/10/2018 23:00:22)
en réponse à Farman F.370 de Michael DAVIS (06/10/2018 15:46:03)

Hello Michael,

In the Docavia nb 21 "Les Avions Farman", Jean Liron wrote that the F.370 was fitted with a 10.40 sqm wing (wingspan : 8.09 m) for her maiden
flight, on April 4th, 1933. A 9.00 sqm wing should be fitted, but only after tuning.
However, for the race, a 3th wing model was actually used, with 9.31 sqm area and 7.90 m wingspan.

Concerning the engine coolers, the F.370 was fitted with 4 of them (for water, air and oil), wich were set around the body and on sides of the
wheel fairing. Jean Liron do not specify the sort.


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