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T-6G de France, ou?

de Benno Goethals (29/10/2018 22:20:09)

Bonjour lecteur d'Aeroforums,

Last week I purchased Iranian Air Review 14 because of the T-6 article. It's interesting reading but I found several (in fact a lot) discrepancies in the table on page 18. Several serials of T-6G listed there as having served in Iran that I have in my database as having been with the French Air Force. Can one confirm the following served with the FAF?
50-1277, 1288, 1294*, 1299, 1309, 1321, 1323, 1325, 51-14777, 14785 and 14804?

(have photoproof of 50-1294)

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Benno, Pays-Bas

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