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de Michael DAVIS (15/12/2018 22:40:13)
en réponse à Re:Re:Air Vice-Marshal DAWSON de Michael DAVIS (15/12/2018 22:26:50)

J'ai trouvé en peu supplémentaire sur le pilote de la Liberator dans laquelle AVC Dawson a été tué (du site internet - mais malheureusement en anglais:

'Charles Sandford (Sandy) Wynne-Eyton was my great uncle and something of a family hero, having seen active service in both wars. We believe he was the oldest operating pilot in the Second World War. He was also notable for his magnificent, yet failed, attempt to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1930. My family believed he had been killed over the Pyrenees whilst transporting a group of VIPs. He remained to us missing in action, and we understood that his aircraft had never been found. It wasn’t until 2003, when my father received an email from a visitor to Choloy, that we were made aware of his final resting place.
We have been fascinated to read this post, mostly because it has clarified the small point of which range of mountains Sandy met his demise! Also, having carried out some further research, it appears that two aircraft crashed in the same snowstorm on the same night. One was the Liberator AL584 mentioned above (flying from Algiers to Paris) and the other an Avro York flying from Northolt to Ceylon, with Leigh-Mallory and his wife on board. It took 7 months for the Avro York to be found. We haven’t found evidence (we hope to find a copy of Sandy’s log book) to suggest which of these two aircraft Sandy was flying. We believe it is most likely that he was flying the Liberator but if we are to believe the stories passed down through the family, there is the small possibility that he was in the Avro York. We suspect that the crew and passengers of both flights would have been buried in local graveyards, until they were moved, possibly together, to Choloy as part of the post-war consolidation of war graves.
Thank you to Jim Corbett for starting this thread, and the other contributors for helping to shed a little light on the final few hours of our great uncle.
I have a clipping from a newspaper report of Sandy’s death. I will try and attach it now.
Best wishes
Lucy Beck (previously Wynne-Eyton)'

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