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Re:Luftwaffe Dieppe et Saint aubin

de Prosper Vandenbroucke (01/01/2019 16:19:22)
en réponse à Luftwaffe Dieppe et Saint aubin de François Kowal (01/01/2019 10:01:06)

Bonjour François ;
J’ai trouvé ceci :
Dieppe – Saint-Aubin (FR) (49 53 20 N – 01 05 00 E)
General: landing ground in NE France 4 km S of Dieppe and
1.6 km NE of Saint-Aubin-sur-Scie. History: fighter
station throughout the Battle of Britain then relegated to
caretaker status until it was demolished and abandoned in
early 1944. Surface and Dimensions: firm grass surface
measuring approx. 825 x 640 meters (900 x 700 yards). No
paved runway. Fuel and Ammunition: underground fuel
storage was possibly on the E boundary. An ammunition dump
was located in woods about 1 km NE of the landing area.
Infrastructure: there was 1 medium double-bay hangar with
a paved apron and 3 small buildings on the E boundary.
Some farm buildings and numerous huts among the trees off
the E boundary served as quarters for personnel and for
stores, and the station HQ and admin offices were in a
nearby château. Officers were accommodated in the Château
de Pourville some 3.25 km W of Dieppe. The nearest rail
connection was in the village of Saint-Aubin-sur-Scie.
Dispersal: The East dispersal, which was the only one, had
15 covered aircraft shelters connected to the landing area
by taxi tracks. Defenses: had 6 heavy and 8 light Flak
positions with 5 km of the landing ground. Ground defenses
included 9 reinforced bunkers and strongpoints around the
perimeter of the field.
Il s’agirait du même car plus loin, j’ai trouvé ceci
Saint-Aubin (FR): see Dieppe – Saint-Aubin

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