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Re:Re:Biographie: aviateur britannique Willy DALIN (1944)

de Michael DAVIS (21/07/2020 13:08:10)
en réponse à Re:Biographie: aviateur britannique Willy DALIN (1944) de Jocelyn Leclercq (21/07/2020 11:59:13)


J'ai trouvé plus d'information sur le site internet Parce que je ne peux pas introduire un hyperlien ici, j'ai j'ai coupé et collé cela concernant William Dallin:

Halifax HR798 (11/11/1943)

Halifax HR798 was one of twenty four No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack the railway and marshalling yards at Cannes on the night of the 11th / 12th November 1943.

It was equipped with Gee, Nav Aid Y (H2S), Fishpond and Monica and was carrying 3 x 1000lbs GP and various target indicators. Its designated Path Finder role was Illuminator.

Its seven-man crew comprised:

• WC Dallin (Pilot)
• SF Jefferson (Navigator)
• HB Hall (Air Bomber)
• JR Vass (Wireless Operator)
• DG Button (Air Gunner)
• TW Roberts (Air Gunner)
• DWC Wade (Flight Engineer)

The route was Base, Selsey Bill, 4920N 0000E, 4725N 0100E, 4318N 0635E, Cannes, 4340N 0712E, 4735N 0120E, 4920N 0000E, Selsey Bill, Base

Halifax HR798 failed to return and the squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “This aircraft is missing, nothing being heard from it after take off”

No. 35 Squadron’s Operations Record Book shows the following information was received relating to the crew:

03/08/1944: Information received from Air Ministry that WC Dallin, missing on 11th / 12th November 1943, is a prisoner of war

WC Dallin, SF Jefferson, TW Roberts and DWC Wade survived the crash and were captured, interrogated and imprisoned for the remainder of the war.

Their POW Liberation Questionnaires, which were completed as part of the repatriation process at 106 Personnel Reception Centre (RAF Cosford) in 1945, show the following details:

• WC Dallin
o Evaded: Nov-43 to Feb-44
o Captured: Paris Feb-44
o Interrogated: Fresne, Paris Feb-44 to Mar-44
o Imprisoned: Wiesbaden, Germany Apr-44
o Imprisoned: Mainz, Germany Apr-44
o Imprisoned: Dulag Luft, Frankfurt Apr-44
o Imprisoned: Stalag Luft I, Barth Apr-44 to May-45
o Repatriated: May-45

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