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T-6 44-81154

de Benno Goethals (15/01/2023 12:58:39)

Bonjour lecteurs,

Up to seventeen (eighteen?) T-6D Texan that served with the
Danish Air Force went to France. There's one which is
reported to have gone to Spain (the only one) but this one
also reported as having gone to France. With the timeframe,
and the unlikely scenario that 17 went to France and 1 went
to Spain I assume there's a discrepancy. And that it
actually went to France as nr18. Is there any
proof/reference that 44-81154 served with the FAF? I expect
it to have entered service around June 1952. (it served with
the Danes from 1950/06 - 1952/06) and this one reported to
Spain as E16.53. That one only entered service there

Merci pour votre réactions.


Benn, Pays-Bas

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