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Re:Breguet 520 ‘Saïgon’ (?)

de Jean-Louis Bleneau (12/12/2016 17:13:26)
en réponse à Breguet 520 ‘Saïgon’ (?) de Ray Watkins (12/12/2016 09:36:59)

Hello Ray.
I suggest you keep using English in your requests, as the automatic translation provides something rather difficult to
The Breguet 521 Bizerte came out of an official requirement for an 'Hydravion d'exploration de haute mer et d'attaque des sous-
marins à la bombe' (High sea patrol and submarine attack using bombs flying-boat) issued in 1931. The design was of course
largely inspired from the Short Calcutta. The same year, 1931, Air Union ordered from Breguet two long range transportation
flying-boats called Breguet 530 Saigon. The two ships were developped in parallel but the 530 was the subject of a firm order
when the 521 had to follow the official procurement procedure. I confirm a 1/5 moke-up (maquette in French) of the 530 Saigon
was on display on the booth of Breguet during the Salon in 1932.
The Br 521 first flew on 4 Jan 1934, the Br 530 was airborne in May 1934.

Best regards.

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